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Playing the game


Starting with version 3.0 2022 the game has 2 rulesets, Old and New (default).

You can change the active ruleset by selecting Old or New in the Settings -> Rules menu.

The NEW rules

Add armies:
Click on any land you already occupy and place new armies for territories, continents or cards.

Attack or Move armies:
1. Click on a land owned by you, and you want to attack or move from
2. Click on an adjacent enemy land you want to attack
2. Click on an adjacent land owned by you, this is accepted as a move.

A Move ends your turn.

Attack and Move are optional.

Press Next to end your turn.


A more detailed description, based on the Old ruleset

Moving Around

The goal is to occupy every territory on the map of the world.



Initial placement

The computer will randomly distribute the territories.

Then the game will pick a player at random to start placement.

Place 21 armies on your territories:

first select the territory and then select the number of armies you wish to place there.

There is a limit of 3 armies a player may place on 1 territory during initial placement.

Repeat this operation until all of your 21 armies have been placed.

Note: the number of 21 armies varies depending on the map and number of players.



When it's your turn

You receive bonus armies for each continent you control (see Continents window of the game).

If you exchange cards, you get extra bonus armies (see Home for more info).

Make a decision, place armies or attack, you can't do both on a single turn !


Placing new armies

You get 3 armies (or more) to reinforce your territories.

Calculation:  number of territories you occupy / 3  discarding any fraction *

The losses counter will be increased by 1 (your troops lose strength), and increased by 2 if your total number of battles is the lowest of all players (see Statistics window of the game)

This ends your turn.

* for maps larger than 90 territories:   territories you occupy / 4

for maps larger than 120 territories:   territories you occupy / 5

for maps larger than 150 territories:   territories you occupy / 6

for maps larger than 180 territories:   territories you occupy / 7




Select the attacking territory (a territory occupied by you with at least 2 armies on it)

Select the defending territory (an enemy territory lying next to the attacking territory)

Enter the number of armies you want to use, no more than the attacking army - 1

The computer simulates the battle and removes armies (at random) from the attacking and the defending territory until the attacker loses his armies or the defender is destroyed.

Playing with predictable battles / 1-for-1 system: the computer compares the attacking and defending armies leaving behind the remainder of the biggest army.

Move at least 1 army into the captured territory.

You get a risk card (no more than 1 on a single turn).

You may attack as many times as you like.


Moving armies (so-called free moves, if the Move button is enabled)

Move armies (no more than 7) from one of your territories into another territory occupied by you, providing that the territories are lying next to each other.

This ends your turn.

Note: this has nothing to do with the 'attack phase moves',  then you can move all your armies (-1) to the newly conquered territory after a succesfull attack


Earning Cards

At the end of any turn in which you have captured at least 1 territory, you will earn 1 card.

If you have collected a set of 2 cards, you may turn them in at the beginning of your next turn, or you may wait.

If you have 5 cards at the beginning of your turn you must turn in at least one set.


Cards display on the status bar


CIAAW - 5 2 3 4 1

CIAAW - your cards: Cavalry, Infantry, Artillary, Artillary, Wild card

5 - your amount of cards

2 - computer player 1 has 2 cards

3 - computer player 2 has 3 cards

4 - computer player 3 has 4 cards

1 - computer player 4 has 1 card


bullet Dice-like / 1-for-1 system

Dice-like: The outcome of the attack is unpredictable, a bigger army gives a better chance of winning.

1-for-1 system: Largest force loses as many as the smaller force, the biggest army always wins the battle.

       (This option makes the game more challenging).

bullet Strongholds

Choose a territory as your stronghold and defend it at all cost.

Without it you lose, and your territories convert to neutral.

The first territory you pick during initial placement will be your stronghold and will get 15 bonus armies.

The number of players is limited to the number of continents on the map.


bullet Troop Experience

During battles your troops will gain experience, whereas avoiding battles will have the opposite effect.

Troop Experience (TE) is shown as a percentage next to the player's name.

A higher TE will give your troops defensive and offensive advantages.

Troop Experience begins with round 10.


bullet Conquer All mission

Default mission, you must conquer everything on the map.


bullet Continents mission (single player)

Conquer continents in a prescribed order, there is no need to hold a conquered continent.

The main window caption shows the current continent when playing.

The continents window shows your progress.

AI players play the Conquer All mission, and are unaware of your mission.


bullet Hold Continents mission (single player)

Here losing a continent means losing the game.

AI players play the Conquer All mission, and are unaware of your mission.


bullet Escort mission (single player)

Escort an AI player to the end.

You can attack each other if necessary.

The main window caption shows your ally.

AI players play the Conquer All mission, and are unaware of your mission,

            including the escorted AI player.


bullet Quick Launch (single player)

Quick Launch bypasses several input dialogs and uses settings of the last saved game.


Moving Around

The enabled buttons (eg. below : Add and Attack) represent all possible game actions that are available to you.

Add button is default, so you never need to press Add to place armies (you can click directly on the country you want if the Add button is enabled).
Cancel the Add command by entering 0 armies.
The game proceeds automatically after you have added all armies (without pressing the Next button).

To attack a territory (the Attack button must be enabled):
(1) click on the Attack button,
(2) click on a territory to attack from (a country you own, > 1 armies)
(3) click a territory you want to conquer (neighbouring country of (2))

You can continue attacking without pressing the Attack button again.

The Move button works similar to the Attack button, except that there is no shortcut key.

Press the Next player button to end your turn (the Next button must be enabled).

Be sure to look at the message bar if you need to know what to do next :

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