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Maps for Empire XP

Windows 10  Empire XP 1.3 : Download the .zip file, select the map files from within the game

macOS  Empire XP 2.1 : Download the .zip file, from within the game  go to Load a Map.. (Single Player)  and choose "Install a new map from Map Downloads".

Android  Empire XP 1.4 (discontinued) : Unzip into the Download folder of your device (an additional unzip app may be required).

iOS  Empire XP 1.0 (discontinued) :  custom maps not avaliable in Empire XP for iOS.

Empire XP 8.x  (discontinued) :  unzip into the folder where you installed Empire XP 8.


Map Screenshot Territories By City Country
Florida_new.zip Florida_new.png 63      
Tennessee_new.zip Tennessee_new.png 91      
France_new.zip France_new.png 88      
Germany.zip Germany_new.png 38      
Spain.zip Spain.png 47      
Doom_new.zip Doom_new.png 21 Graham Inglis Devon England
Atlantis_new.zip Atlantis_new.png 58 Matthew Luetke Milwaukee, WI United States
HexGoneCrazy.zip HexGoneCrazy.png 100 Jim Merryman Nashville, TN United States
Rings_new.zip Rings_new.png 98 Jim Merryman Nashville, TN United States
Ireland_new.zip Ireland_new.png 32 Eliott Bartley Dublin Ireland
hexprime5_new.zip hexprime5_new.png 59 Jeffrey Brusseau Nashville, TN United States
Romania_new.zip Romania_new.png 41 Filip Gadiuta   Romania
Italy_new.zip Italy_new.png 77      
107_new.zip 107_new.png 107      
Amsterdam_new.zip Amsterdam_new.png 85      
SwampII.zip SwampII.png 200      
Scandinavia.zip Scandinavia.png 63      
Great_Britain.zip Great_Britain.png 83      
Russia_new.zip Russia_new.png 65      
Middle_Earth.zip Midlle_Earth.png 64 Matthew Luetke Milwaukee, WI United States
Spirals_new.zip Spirals_new.png 140 Jim Merryman Nashville, TN United States
Czech_new.zip Czech_new.png 81 Jan Hojgr Plzeň (Pilsen) Czech Republik
e2_new.zip e2_new.png 115 Felipe Gonzalez Whitmore Lake, MI United States
Greek_World.zip Greek_World.png 61 Vebjørn Forthun Trondheim Norway
USA_new.zip USA_new.png 46      
coconutz_new.zip coconutz_new.png 93 Jim Merryman Nashville, TN United States
Polynesia_new.zip Polynesia_new.png 77 Leonard Sensui Hawaii United States
LondonWalks_new.zip LondonWalks_new.jpg 53 **      
South_Africa_new.zip South_Africa_new.jpg 47 **      
Arabia_India_new.zip Arabia_India_new.jpg 50 **      
Java.zip Java_new.png 81      
RealWorld.zip RealWorld.png 86 **      
3empires.zip 3empires_new.png 114      
LinesII.zip LinesII_new.png 113      
JapanKorea.zip JapanKorea_new.png 67      
Worms.zip Worms_new.png 81      
SeaLanes.zip SeaLanes_new.png 101      
Turkey_new.zip Turkey_new.png 80      

**  1250x700 pixels or higher.

All maps in 1 file (except the ones with **)  :