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bullet Computer player strategies :
PC players don't gang up, they can't because it is not in the software, they all make their decisions individually.
They discriminate between weaker and stronger players, especially the strongest one, whoever it is, human or pc.
Do not run the game while your pc is busy with other tasks,
strange things might happen, like negative armies, your turn being skipped.


The armies dialog might disappear if you click on the map faster than the game can keep up with.
Click on the territory again and the armies dialog shows up again.


bullet The odds aren't fair ?
The combat routine doesn't know the difference between human and computer players, but in case you don't trust it, you can always play with the 1 for 1 system.

Attack then move and attack in the same go :
The human player can do this too, you can move your armies to the newly conquered territory after a successful attack, then conquer a second territory, move your armies into it etc.

bullet The Save Game button is enabled after initial placement.



Difficulty levels:
Increase the # of computer players and choose the 1-for-1 system  for a challenging game.